MEGAComfort products contain only 100 % high density MEMORY FOAM with no cheap fillers or additives and are machine washable

                                 Memory Foam FAQ

Memory Foam or visco foam was developed in the early 1970's at NASA's Ames Research Center in an effort to  relieve the pressure of the tremendous G-forces experienced by astronauts during lift-off and flight.  Since then, memory or visco-elastic foam as it is sometimes called has been used effectively in the medical industry to help alleviate pressure sores and increase patient comfort. Whereas the density of standard foam is usually under 1 lb/ft3 memory foam can range form 4-6 lbs/ft3. As a result, due to its high costs of production it is only recently that this "wonder foam" has become commercially available.

Memory Foam's material cellular structure is completely different than that of regular foam.  It is made up of billions of high density viscoelastic memory cells that are both temperature and weight sensitive, allowing it to become softer in warmer areas and areas of high pressure (where your body is making the most contact with the surface) and remain firmer in cooler areas (where less body contact is being made). This causes the memory foam to soften and flow to follow your body's every curve while still providing support. This special quality of memory foam, is what allows MEGAComfort products to provide the ultimate level of employee comfort.

ALL MEGAComfort products contain only 100 % high density MEMORY FOAM with no cheap fillers or additives and are machine washable.

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