Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat Comfort Memory Foam Insoles are an ergonomic, safer, cost-effective alternative to standard antifatigue floor mats

Ergonomically Designed

Personal Anti Fatigue Mat

Goes where the Employee Goes

More Cost Effective

No Hazards from Trips or Falls Machine Washable
High Density Memory Foam Direct Contact with the Body
Reduces Muscle Fatigue Improves Balance Reactions
Anti -Bacterial Anti-Sweat Anti Fungal Top Cloth
Available in 12 Unique Sizes No Need for Cutting or Trimming
Distinctive Pattern Reduces Heat and Pressure

The Ergonomic Safer Cost-Effective Alternative

 to Standard Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Personal Anti-fatigue Mat (PAM) Insoles are uniquely designed ergonomic memory foam insoles for the work boot or safety boot, shoe or sneaker. They are constructed using a unique combination of materials that mold directly to the feet, while still providing the much needed cushioning but at a fraction of the cost of rubber anti-fatigue floor mats.

Decrease Foot Pain, Knee Pain and Back Pain

Recent studies also show that an insole can help prevent and dramatically decrease foot, knee and lower back pain as well. Since the insole is in direct contact with the feet, they are far more effective than the standard anti-fatigue floor mats at reducing muscle strain, improving balance reactions and increasing blood circulation. This represents an opportunity for any company to selectively remove anti-fatigue rubber floor matting; significantly reducing replacement costs and lowering commonly associated injury risks of slips and falls.

Patented Self-Molding

The patented self-molding properties of the Personalized Anti-fatigue Mat (P.A.M) give the MEGAComfort memory foam insoles their unmatched personal touch. Each and every employ can now have their own individual comfort zone everywhere they go.

Transition away from  Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

We can help your company make that logical transition away from anti-fatigue floor mats to this safer, employee responsive, cost effective change. Based on proven research methods, a C.L.U.E (Control Loss Utilizing Evaluation) Pilot Program can be established for your company to help calculate the responses and benefits for the Personalized Anti-fatigue Mat (P.A.M) insoles inside your employees' footwear.

Product Description

Personal Anti-fatigue Mat's (P.A.M) exclusive design represents four years of testing and modifying of different material combinations. In order to accommodate every single employee, the MEGAComfort  insole is available in every shoe size from a Woman's 5 to a Man's 14.

MEMORY Foam Insoles

The bottom yellow portion of the dual layered MEGAComfort Personal Anti-fatigue Mat insole is made from super soft memory (not a gel) polyurethane foam. NASA was the first to use this type of visco-elastic or memory foam in the 1960's to help protect the astronauts against harmful G -forces during blastoff. Since that time, variations of this shock absorbing memory foam have been commonly used in the production of high end sleeping mattresses and pillows.

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal

The MEGAComfort memory foam is also treated during production with an odor attacking anti-bacterial additive that produces a fresh smelling scent throughout the life of the insole. In order to address all the concerns inside the employee's footwear, there is a distinctive pattern on the bottom of the insole.

Distinctive Pattern

This pattern has been specifically designed to help redistribute the harmful forces from walking and standing, while at the same time providing air circulation to reduce heat. The wicking properties of the top cover together with the aeration holes through the insole, provide excellent sweat and moisture control giving increased temperature regulation (the feet don't overheat) that also helps extend the life of the insole.

Perfect for all Sectors of Industry

Finally, the MEGAComfort patented memory foam insole with its distinctive characteristics is also machine washable and meets all product safety standards, making it the perfect application for the manufacturing, service, health, construction and retail industry. It is the ultimate solution for employees on the move or for areas that cannot have floor mats, where replacement costs of existing matting has become too high or where risk of injuries from trips and falls has become too great.


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